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Philips Urban & Landscape Lighting

Philips Urban & Landscape Lighting

It’s about improving the quality of life, the appearance, feeling and atmosphere of where people live, work and play. It’s about introducing aesthetics in the lighting of our streets and pedestrian areas. Urban scale reference luminaires designed for both daytime appearance and optical performance for street lighting.

TownGuide Core
910500991032BDP001 ECO40-/840 II DW PCC GR 62P4000 lm flat cone clear
910500991034BDP001 ECO70-/840 II DW PCC GR 62P4000 lm flat cone clear
910500991110BDP002 ECO40-/830 DS PCF GR 62P4000 lm bowl cone frosted
910500991008BDP002 ECO70-/850 DS PCF GR 48P7000lm bowl cone frosted
City Spirit Street LED
911401605302BDS480 16xLED/NW PSU 220-240VBDS480 16xLED/NW PSU 220-240V
911401605102BDS480 32xLED/NW PSU 220-240VBDS480 32xLED/NW PSU 220-240V
City Spirit Street LED Color Ring
911401663502BDS482 16xLED NW/RD 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/RD 220-240V
911401663102BDS482 16xLED NW/GRN 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/GRN 220-240V
911401663402BDS482 16xLED NW/BL 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/BL 220-240V
CitySpirit LED
910403388901BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TA IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TA IO
910403388801BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TB IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TB IO
910403388701BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TS IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TS IO
Urbana LED
911401606301BDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-RBDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-R
911401607101BDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-RBDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-R
911401606601BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-D500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-D500
911401606801BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-D500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-D500
911401607001BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCCRD500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCCRD500
Vaya Linear Inground
911401688502BBP303 LED-LP WW 24VBBP303 LED-LP WW 24V
911401688702BBP303 LED-LP NW 24VBBP303 LED-LP NW 24V
911401688802BBP303 LED-LP RGB 24VBBP303 LED-LP RGB 24V
911401688902BBP312 LED-LP WW 24VBBP312 LED-LP WW 24V
911401688602BBP312 LED-LP NW 24VBBP312 LED-LP NW 24V
911401689002BBP312 LED-LP RGB 24VBBP312 LED-LP RGB 24V
911401688202BBP312 embedded partBBP312 embedded part
911401688302BBP303 embedded partBBP303 embedded part
Vaya Spot 1
911401606802BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 36BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 36
911401606702BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 24BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 24
911401606602BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 12BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 12
911401606502BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 36BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 36
911401606402BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 24BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 24
911401606302BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 12BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 12
Vaya Spot 3
911401609202BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36
911401609102BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24
911401609002BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12
911401608902BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36
911401608802BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24
911401608702BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12
Vaya Spot 6
911401635902BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36
911401635802BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24
911401635702BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12
911401635602BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36
911401635502BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24
911401635402BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12
Smart LED Post Top
911401656702BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006
911401657002BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043
911401657502BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006
911401657702BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043
Smart LED Bollard
910403308302BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006
910403308102BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043
910403307902BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006
910403307702BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043
Smart LED Bracket
911401603102BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043
911401603202BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006
911401601702BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043
911401601802BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006
911401671902BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043
911401672002BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006
Smart LED Wall Mount
911401195280BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006
911401178880BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043
911401724401BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006
911401724301BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043
Smart LED Steplight
910403302002BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 9006BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 9006
910403314101BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 7043BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 7043
Smart LED Marker
911401177980BBG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67
911401178680BBG151 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG151 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67
911401723901BBG152 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG152 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67
Smart LED Underwater
911401602502BCP170 9LED WW 12V 12 IP68BCP170 9LED WW 12V 12 IP68
911401602202BCP170 9LED WW 12V 36 IP68BCP170 9LED WW 12V 36 IP68
911401602302BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 12 IP68BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 12 IP68
911401602602BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 36 IP68BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 36 IP68
Flow Post Top
911401690001BDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V S SIBDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V S SI
911401690601BDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V A SIBDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V A SI
Flow Bollard
911401687601BCP760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SIBCP760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SI
911401687801BCP760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SIBCP760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SI
Flow Wall Mount
911401688201BWS760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SIBWS760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SI
911401687901BWS760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SIBWS760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SI
Flow Marker
911401687001BBP760 LED50/ WW PSU 220-240VBBP760 LED50/ WW PSU 220-240V
911401687101BBP760 LED50/ NW PSU 220-240VBBP760 LED50/ NW PSU 220-240V
910503671918BVD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503681818BVD410 4XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD410 4XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503682618BVD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BVD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15
910503684818BVD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503685618BVD420 12xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BVD420 12xLED-HB/RGBW E 15
910503673118BBD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503675518BBD400 1xLED-HB-2700 12V OBBBD400 1xLED-HB-2700 12V OB
910503683018BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503684218BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V OBBBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V OB
910503683818BBD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BBD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15
910503686018BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503686018BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10
910503686818BBD420 12XLED-HB/RGBW E 15BBD420 12XLED-HB/RGBW E 15
Amphilux Accessories
910930018718ZBD400 RMBZBD400 RMB
910930027818ZBD410 RMBZBD410 RMB
910930027918ZBD420 RMBZBD420 RMB
910930028018ZBD408 PSU DMX/RDM 2x4CHZBD408 PSU DMX/RDM 2x4CH
910930028118ZBD404 PSU DMX/RDM 1x4CHZBD404 PSU DMX/RDM 1x4CH
Outdoor Power Supply
911401600501PS60 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS60 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
911401600401PS120 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS120 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
910403389201PS100 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS100 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
910403389101PS200 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS200 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
Linebar Outdoor - RGB Version available
911401690102BCS503 16xLED-HB/3000 24VBCS503 16xLED-HB/3000 24V
911401690502BCS506 32xLED-HB/3000 24VBCS506 32xLED-HB/3000 24V
911401690902BCS509 48xLED-HB/3000 24VBCS509 48xLED-HB/3000 24V
911401691302BCS512 64xLED-HB/3000 24VBCS512 64xLED-HB/3000 24V
911401685502BCC141 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC141 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300
911401687402BCC141 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC141 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200
911401686202BCC143 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC143 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300
911401685802BCC143 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC143 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200
911401687002BCC145 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC145 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300
911401686602BCC145 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC145 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200
UniBatten Cable Accessories
911401885401cable with female plug RQX 2X1BB L2000cable with female plug RQX 2X1BB L2000
911401885301cable with male plug RQX 2X1BB L2000cable with male plug RQX 2X1BB L2000
911401600491BCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V NBBCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V NB
911401600471BCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V WBBCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V WB
911401600481BCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V MBBCP260 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V MB
911401600821BCP280 12xLED-HP/WW30 24V ABCP280 12xLED-HP/WW30 24V A
911401600691BCP280 12xLED-HP/WW30 24V NBBCP280 12xLED-HP/WW30 24V NB
911401600831BCP280 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V ABCP280 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V A
911401601171BCP280 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V NBBCP280 24xLED-HP/WW30 24V NB
RIGA IP68 flexible strip
910504800791MRIG0950006WRE3000K 5 meters IP68
910504800804MRIG09500065RERGB  5 meters IP68
910504800965MRIG0910006WRE3000K 1 meters IP68
910504800788MRIG0920006WRE3000K 2 meters IP68
910504800789MRIG0930006WRE3000K 3 meters IP68
910504800790MRIG0940006WRE3000K 4 meters IP68
910504800968MRIG09100065RERGB  1 meters IP68
910504800801MRIG09200065RERGB  2 meters IP68
910504800802MRIG09300065RERGB  3 meters IP68
910504800803MRIG09400065RERGB  4 meters IP68
910504801054MRIGALIMIP68feeding connectors RIGA
910504801055MRIGALIMRGBfeeding connectors RIGA RGB
910504800737WBOKOTDIMDimming module for white products
910504800713WSLAVEDMX12/24VSlave DMX 12/24V
LED Uplight
911401603902BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24
911401603802BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12
911401603602BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24
911401603502BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12
911401606202BBP330 screwdriver of anti-thieft screwBBP330 screwdriver of anti-thieft screw
911401601201XGP500 1xLXM2/RD 100-240VXGP500 1xLXM2/RD 100-240V
City Spirit Cone
910403385001CDS470 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TS IOCDS470 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TS IO
910403384901CDS470 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TS IOCDS470 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TS IO
910403385801CDS470 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V TS IOCDS470 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V TS IO
910403385701CDS470 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V TS IOCDS470 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V TS IO
CitySpirit Street
910403383501CDS480 C SON-T150W 220V-50Hz ORCDS480 C SON-T150W 220V-50Hz OR
910403383401CDS480 C SON-T70W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C SON-T70W 220V-50Hz CR
910403383701CDS480 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz CR
910403383601CDS480 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz CR
910403384701CDS480 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V CRCDS480 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V CR
910403384601CDS480 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V CRCDS480 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V CR
Metronomis Torino
910401974580CDS530 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz OO
910401974780CDS530 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OO
910401974880CDS530 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OO
Metronomis Malmo
910403373501CDS550 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS550 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OO
910403373601CDS550 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS550 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OO
910403370401CDS550 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS550 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT
910401973580ZDS550 C DTC SET9ZDS550 C DTC SET9
Metronomis Annecy
910403372701CDS560 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS560 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OO
910403373201CDS560 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS560 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OO
Metronomis Berlin
910403372101CDS570 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TT
910403372501CDS570 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TT
910403372201CDS570 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TT
910403372601CDS570 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT
Metronomis Cambridge
910403371301CDS580 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TT
910403371701CDS580 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TT
910403371401CDS580 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TT
910403371801CDS580 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT
Decoflood APR c/w lamp
910401635180MVF606 C 1xSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401634780MVF606 C 1xCDM-T35W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T35W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401635280MVF606 C 1xCDM-T70W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T70W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401634680MVF606 C 1xCDM-T150W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T150W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401635380MVF607 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401635480MVF607 CSON-T250W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CSON-T250W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401635780MVF607 CSON-T400W K 220V NBMVF607 CSON-T400W K 220V NB
910401635580MVF607 CHPI-T250W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CHPI-T250W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401635680MVF607 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz NB
910401636980MVF616 CSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401635880MVF616 CSON-T100W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T100W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401636280MVF616 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401636880MVF616 CMHN-TD70W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CMHN-TD70W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401636380MVF616 CMHN-TD150W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CMHN-TD150W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401637580MVF617 CSON-T250W K 220V MBMVF617 CSON-T250W K 220V MB
910401637880MVF617 CSON-T400W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF617 CSON-T400W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401637680MVF617 CHPI-T250W K 220V MBMVF617 CHPI-T250W K 220V MB
910401637980MVF617 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF617 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz MB
910401972880SBF205 SON-T70W 220V-50HzSBF205 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz
910401972980MBF205 MHN-TD70W 220V-50HzMBF205 MHN-TD70W 220V-50Hz
910401973080FBF203 PL-C/2P13W 220V-50HzFBF203 PL-C/2P13W 220V-50Hz

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